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by Deborah L. Martin
Item # 5727

Format: Paperback  

ISBN: 978-1-60529-130-7

Pages: 352

Copyright Year: 2011

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Seeds work like magic to bring colorful birds into close view, but when special treats like homemade bird doughs and fresh fruit are offered, remarkable visitors like waxwings, orioles and thrashers stop by for a treat. Add in seed-rich ornamental grasses and fruiting shrubs, and birds will find the scene irresistible. Touting the latest research on what and when birds eat, Secrets of Backyard Bird-Feeding Success explains how nutritious food at key times of the year (during egg laying, migration and harsh weather) can mean survival—or not—for feathered friends. Readers will learn easy, practical, and low-cost ways to entice birds into stopping by regularly, along with tips on specific types of bird-friendly fare, such as nuts, nectar, berries and even bugs! A gallery of the 50 most popular backyard feeder birds lists their preferred foods and feeder styles plus behavior and migration details, so readers can anticipate and prepare for a specific bird’s arrival. Feeding backyard birds is a win-win situation for both bird and birder—the birds get a reliable source of food and bird lovers get lively song, color and motion in their welcoming backyards.

About the Author: Deborah L. Martin is a freelance editor and writer who has made appearances as a gardening expert on HGTV and elsewhere. Previously she spent more than a decade at Rodale as a garden book editor and is the author of Best-Ever Backyard Birding Tips and Compost Gardening

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