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Peak Summer Insect Times

What to look for starting in July

Peak Insect Times

INSECT                             ZONE AFFECTED             MONTH(S)

Bean Aphid                          14                                              June to August

                                               18                                              May to July


Cabbage Looper                   1                                               July

                                                2                                              June-July

                                                6                                              Entire season

                                                9                                              August

                                                10                                            July

                                                12                                            Year round

                                                14                                            June to September

                                                15                                            May to September

                                                17                                            August to Oct

Cabbage Looper

Cabbage Looper  Photo courtesy


Corn Earworm                     1                                              July

                                                2                                              August

                                                3                                              June to August

                                                4                                              July to September

                                                7                                              June-mid July

                                                9                                              Late July-August

                                                10                                            July-August

                                                11                                            June to September

                                                13                                            July

                                                14                                            Late July

                                                15                                            July

                                                18                                            June-July

Corn Earworm

Corn Earworm  Photo courtesy


Flea Beetle                            5                                               April to July

                                                6                                              April to August

                                                12                                            April to August

                                                14                                            June-July

Flea Beetle

Flea Beetle   Photo courtesy


Spotted Cucumber Beetle       6                                              Entire season

                                                     9                                              May to August

Spotted Cucumber Beetle 

Spotted Cucumber Beetle   Photo courtesy


Mexican Bean Beetle          14                                            June-July

                                                15                                            May to July

Mexican Bean Beetle 

Mexican Bean Beetle  Photo courtesy


Pea Aphid                              6                                              Entire season

                                                14                                            May to September

                                                15                                            May to September      


Squash Bug                          6                                              March to August

                                                11                                            June to August

                                                14                                            August-September

                                                15                                            July-August

Squash Bug 

Squash Bug  Photo courtesy


Squash Vine Borer              2                                              June-July

                                                5                                              Late June-July

                                                7                                              June-July

                                                8                                              Entire season

                                                10                                            June-July

                                                11                                            July    

squash vine borer

Squash Vine Borer  Photo courtesy