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One Last Hoorah

Mel Boone 

One last hoorah

Well, Mother Nature decided to give me one last hoorah before she let go of winter. I woke up Sunday morning to gray skies and a little bit of rain. As with my usual routine, I dressed and took Jake and Buddy out for their morning walk. They're not crazy about walking in the rain, but it was a light drizzle and they really needed to go out to do their morning routine.

Ten minutes later, we are back in the house and the dogs are curled back on my bed. Got to get a few more minutes of nap time before I make the bed. I'm standing in the kitchen watching the rain turn into tiny snowflakes. It seems like no time at all that those tiny snowflakes are now huge and coming down hard. I can barely see across the street!

By 11 a.m., the snowfall is pretty much done. My spot in the world is covered in about half an inch of snow. Guess it's a good thing that I had I couple packages of hot cocoa left to make. Who cares if it's March and the hot cocoa is mint flavored? When snow is on the ground, I'm having my cup of hot cocoa! By 4 p.m., the temperature has warmed to a balmy 40 degrees. Most of the snow is gone. Had I not gotten up this morning and taken a few pictures of it, I would be hard pressed to convince anyone that the snowfall had ever happened.

That is my life here in northeast Missouri. I did wait a little bit for the weather to change and it did. Spring will be here in a weeks time. My days are now getting a little longer with each passing day.

I'm happy to have woken up today. Let's enjoy it while we can.

Funny Weather

Mel Boone

"If you don't like the weather, just wait a bit and the weather will change." That's the old saying that popped into my mind this morning as I left home for the library to write my blog for Capper's Farmer.

I went through the weekend with fairly nice temperatures. The sun was out, the trees were starting to bud and a few spring flowers are starting to show. Today, I walk out of the house to find it snowing. Just lightly, but coming down more than it was a few minutes ago and starting to stick. One more reminder to me that Mother Nature hasn't quite had enough of winter yet.

So close to spring I can almost reach it. I've had my fill of cabin fever and yet I patiently wait for the last grip of winter to release me to spring, summer and another year of tractor shows.

I look out the library windows and see the snow coming down just a little harder. A little bit of fog is slowly rolling in. I'm regretting the fact that I chose to wear a slightly lighter coat this morning. My usual winter coat hangs on the coat rack at home next to the kitchen door. Guess which coat has my warm winter gloves in the pocket? They sure won't do me much good on the drive home.

That's life here where I am. Of course, I don't think it would be any different if I lived anywhere else. Mother Nature will do as she pleases regardless of what I would like. I make do with the "funny weather" and will deal with whatever comes next as it happens.

All I have to do is wait. The sun will come out again and warm things up. All it takes is a little bit of patience.

Funny weather