Do It Yourself Projects

Easy Natural Bracelet Holder

By Renee-Lucie Benoit

Is your jewelry box overflowing? Here's an easy way to declutter and display.

Antler Jewelry Holder

By Tana Smith

Hang your jewelry on these antlers to keep them untangled.

Corkboard Calendar

By Tana Smith

Keep your schedule organized with this corkboard calendar.

Crocheted Baby Bath Set

By Judith Durant

Make your own handmade baby bet set that is the perfect addition to bath time.


Crocheted Baby Washcloths

By Melinda A Slaving

Keep your baby squeaky clean with this simple handmade washcloth.

Winter Library Shawl

Designed by Jillian Moreno

Knit this shawl as a gift or to compliment your winter wardrobe.

Handy House

Mounted to a post near your garden entrance, this house-style box will come in handy for holding items you may now lug around in your pockets.

DIY Mini Christmas Tree for Next to Nothing

By C.A. Simonson

Repurpose tomato cages into Christmas trees.