Do It Yourself Projects

DIY projects for the homemade life! Crafts and techniques, hand and power tools, repurpose and recycle, sewing and quilting, and woodworking.

Do it Yourself Cold Brew Coffee

By Renee-Lucie Benoit

Prepare your own cold brew coffee with these do it yourself tips. Cold brew coffee is really easy to make. You can even roast your own beans!

Starched Fabric Ghost

By Raphaele Vidaling

Make Halloween extra spooky this year with a flying ghost.

A Mummy Contortionist

By Raphaele Vidaling

Make this fun mummy for Halloween or when talking about Ancient Egyptians.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Soap

By Jan Berry

Make this Pumpkin Oatmeal Soap for a fall treat for your skin.


Lavender Chamomile Shampoo and Body Bars

By Jan Berry

Treat your hair with these lavender and chamomile shampoo bars, which will soothe your scalp and help you distress.

How to Handle Lye Safely

By Jan Berry

Learn how to use safely use lye while making soap.

Troubleshooting the Soapmaking Process

By Jan Berry

Identify, fix, and avoid these common soapmaking problems.

Memory Plates

By Susannah Seton

Preserve your memories with this craft.