Basic Vine Wreath Base

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By Terri Chandler And Katie Smyth | Dec 31, 2019

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Creating an organic wreath base from a plant vine is extremely straightforward. Most plant vines are malleable and can be bent into a wreath shape easily.

The length of vine you’ll need will depend on how big you want the wreath, as well as how thick the vine is. If the vine is thin and delicate, you may want to loop it around itself three or four times to make sure it’s sturdy. On the other hand, if the vine is thick, just one loop with a small overlap to fix the ends together is usually sufficient. For extra security, bind the base together with a short piece of twine.

You can also keep the pieces of vine you cut off at the start, and use them to make a miniature wreath or the base of a mobile.

Tools & Materials

  • Pruning shears
  • Twine or roll of binding wire
  • Scissors
  • Plant vine
  • Instructions


  1. Use pruning shears to cut the vine to your desired length.
  2. Begin by bending the vine into the size you want the wreath to be, and then start to weave the vine around itself once or twice to create a rough circle shape. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle.
  3. Using twine or binding wire, tie the vine together tightly at three or four points around the circle to make sure it’s secure. Weave in the end to conceal it.
  4. With scissors, snip off any excess twine.

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Terri Chandler and Katie Smyth make up Worm London. These projects are excerpted with permission from their book Wreaths (Quadrille, 2018).

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