Collecting Postcards

Postcard collections add a unique stamp to your home

| April 2008

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    PASSPORTS TO ADVENTURE: Postcards have the power to transport us to exotic locales and distant times.
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I've got a time machine that takes me across the seven seas and back to an earlier era. I can use it to see everything from animals to zeppelins. It lets me visit places as near as Akron or as far as Zanzibar.

It's my postcard collection.

Consider one of my cards showing a camel market in Aden, Arabia. The message on it reads,
Have just passed the Island of Perim, 100 miles from Aden. Could read 'Lloyd's Signal Station' quite plainly with my glass. Am posting my journal with this at Aden. Much cooler since leaving the Red Sea. Best love …
Dated Oct. 10, 1906, this card somehow always takes me to that year and place.

Today isn't the turn of the 20th century, of course. Back then, postcards were the television of their day. Nearly every parlor had an album of them. Now, we don't just have television, we have mobile telephones that can take snapshots, movies that take us into outer space and computers that present us with virtual worlds.

Yet there is a romance to postcards, the nostalgic pull of owning something from our past. In these old bits of cardboard you can find romance, humor and pathos.

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