Make a Barn Wood Wall Hanging

Turn a plain wood frame into a work of art with paint and scrapbook paper.

| Fall 2015

I love using barn board for craft projects, and although this frame didn’t have any glass, I knew I could create a scrapbook layout and decoupage it, so the lack of glass wasn’t an issue. I wanted to try the paint layering and sanding technique, and I thought this frame would be a great first project. It turned out just the way I’d hoped it would.


Wipe down the frame with a cloth and glass cleaner, and let it dry.

Paint the frame with a base color, using a craft paint brush. Let it dry for at least two hours. Give the frame a second coat of paint, in a contrasting color, and let it dry thoroughly.

While the paint dries, design a scrapbook layout to go inside the frame. I chose a preschool photograph of my cousin’s daughter, and then found coordinating scrapbook paper and embellishments. So the photo wasn’t directly on the scrapbook paper, I cut a piece of cardstock a little larger than the photo, and glued the photo to it. I then glued the whole thing to the piece of scrapbook paper. Next I madea tag by cutting two strips of cardstock the same length, but about an inch different in width, and I glued the smaller strip to the larger strip, centering it. Then I added number stickers to the smaller strip to indicate what year the photo was taken. After gluing the tag to the scrapbook paper, I poked two small holes in the top of the tag, in each corner, using a thumbtack, and then inserted small colored brads.

Once your scrapbook page is designed, cover the whole thing with a thin layer of decoupage. Let it dry completely, and then give it a second coat and set it aside to dry again.

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