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Build a Mobile Craft Cart

By Staff

Build a Mobile Craft Cart

Create a convenient storage area on wheels for your craft supplies with this easy weekend craft cart project.

By: Carole West
Fall 2018

Are you a crafty person with overflowing supplies? Maybe your materials are just difficult to find, which delays or even detours the creative process. When you just want to get to the crafting, having to organize your supplies is frustrating. But getting organized can take time, and trying to find the right place to store all those crafty items can take even longer.

I ran into this dilemma after a move that involved a huge downsize and left me with a small inventory of crafty things. When it came time to store what was left, I kept envisioning a cart that held everything in one place.

The cart needed to be functional and mobile so I could access it from all sides. Most importantly, it had to be visually appealing, because it would be stored in the open next to my work station. After a few days of planning, I came up with a simple box design, and my husband ran with the plans. He started building with pieces of scrap wood, and minutes later surprised me with a mobile frame.

This mobile craft cart was designed around two crates and a storage basket I already had; from there, I added additional boxes built from more scrap wood and painted for a nice presentation. Because the base is just a box on wheels, anyone can customize this project to store their supplies.

To say I love this project would be an understatement. Having everything in one place keeps me from overbuying craft supplies, because I can find exactly what I need.

Tools & Materials List

  • Electric saw
  • Electric drill, bit, and screw heads
  • Sandpaper
  • 16 2-1/2-inch screws
  • 16 15/8-inch screws
  • 3 2-by-6 boards, 8 feet long
  • 1 fence board, 6 feet long
  • 4 swivel wheels
  • Interior paint or stain
  • Paintbrush or small roller

Cutting List

2-by-6 boards: cut to make four 27-inch and four 24-inch pieces

Fence board: cut to make four 13-inch pieces

Note: Sand each piece after you cut it. Keep the leftover pieces for another project.

Step 1

1. Make two rectangular frames, using two 27-inch and two 24-inch boards for each.

2. Set the 24-inch boards between the ends of the 27-inch boards, and drill two pilot holes at each corner with a drill bit slightly smaller than the screws you’re using. (Pilot holes will keep the wood from splitting when you add the screws.)

3. Keep the corners square as you construct the frames, connecting each corner with two screws.

Step 2

1. Connect the two frames using the four 13-inch fence board pieces.

2. Drill pilot holes first, and drive the screws from the inside of the frame toward the outside.

3. With both frames standing on a 24-inch side, place a 13-inch board inside a corner, against the vertical boards.

4. Align the ends of the 13-inch board with the outer edges of the frames (this will create a gap between the frames), and screw in place.

5. Repeat this process in the remaining corners to complete the cart frame.

6. At this point you may want to sand to remove any additional flaws in the wood.

Step 3

1. Screw on the wheels to the bottom boards at each corner. Stand the cart on the wheels after all four are attached.

Step 4

1. I painted my cart with interior paint and primer in two shades of gray.

2. You could also stain your cart if you prefer a natural finish.

3. Just be sure to let your finish of choice dry overnight before you organize your supplies in the cart.

Optional Modifications

Setting up the cart was the most fun for me, and I spent hours perfecting the arrangement to maximize storage space. How you organize your cart will depend on how many crafting supplies you have; some people may need two mobile carts to get everything stored correctly. I had stencils, paint, ribbon, jars, and brushes, which led me to build additional boxes for easy-to-grab items.

I made two more boxes, one for paint and the other for tools and brushes. I use my tools and brushes all the time, so that box sits on top of the cart. I keep the box of paints on top of the basket I already had, inside the mobile cart frame.

I also made an attachment on the side of the cart for large stencils so they’re easy to grab. The add-on possibilities are endless, and you should feel free to adjust the cart to suit whatever you’re storing. I recommend keeping the organization simple, so everything is easy to access.

The cart frame can also be modified by adjusting the width or height to make it fit your space. Remember to purchase wheels that can support additional storage weight for larger carts. For wider carts, you may also want to include six wheels instead of four. Happy crafting!

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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