Make Simple Gifts for Kids

Craft gifts for kids like this easy child’s name frame.

| Winter 2014

  • A landscape frame with the name James scrapbooked inside with dinosaur paper.
    Photo by Karen K. Will

Use scrapbook paper featuring something that interests the child —
favorite TV or movie characters, trains, trucks, animals, Barbie dolls — and the youngster will be thrilled.

Find a frame you like. Remove the glass, and either sand and paint the frame or use it as is.

Choose fun and colorful scrapbook paper to create a background design. One pattern paper and three or four solid colors is a great combination. To give an illusion of depth to the project, tear the paper and overlap the edges.

Now add letters to form the child’s name. Use layers to add dimension. Simply cut out a couple of “blocks” or squares — in different sizes so you can stack them inside one another — and glue them together. Glue your letters to the top square, then attach the whole “block” to your background.

For a little more flair, cut a circle out of cardboard, cover it with coordinating scrapbook paper, top it with a cut-out from some of the leftover pattern paper, and glued it in the center of the circle. Then glue the cardboard circle to the frame.

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