Give the Gift of Mother’s Day Flowers

Try these two flower bouquet DIY projects for Mother’s Day.

| Summer 2015

This Mother’s Day, instead of spending money on pricey flower bouquets, spend a little quiet time in the craft room and surprise Mom with hand-picked flowers beautifully arranged in a container you already have on hand. Baskets of all shapes and sizes, old wooden boxes, and vases and jars work perfectly and provide rustic charm.

Wooden Box Bouquet

First you’ll want to gather a few simple supplies. All you need is an old wooden box with a hinged lid. (Don’t worry if the box is rough or worn, because you want it to have a weathered look, which will add even more country appeal to the project.) You’ll also need sandpaper, paint, paint brushes, cotton balls, ink, a cup or vase that is short enough to fit in the box without being seen, and flowers of your choice.

1. Sand the box and lid a little, then add a coat of paint to it. Before the paint dries completely, take sandpaper and scratch off the paint in a few spots. Let it dry completely.

2. Next, give it an antique finish. Using gray ink, dab the ink onto a cotton ball, and then smear and streak it onto the box and lid. Let the ink dry completely.

3. Place your flowers in an appropriate-sized cup or vase, which has been partially filled with water. Then place the cup inside the box.

Burlap-Wrapped Jar

If you like the idea of a country-style bouquet, but you either don’t like to paint or simply don’t have the time, this quick and easy project is the answer to your dilemma.

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