Create a Homemade Recipe Book

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By Traci Smith | Sep 30, 2014

Photo by Karen K. Will
Hand-crafted scrapbooked recipe cookbook.

For the cooks on your gift-giving list, you can’t go wrong with a handmade recipe scrapbook. Trust me!

Find a recipe book, then choose enough recipes to fill the pages. Next, pick out scrapbook paper and embellishments to go along with the recipes.

Since my recipe book is small (6 inches square), I kept the pages simple, as I didn’t want to take the focus away from the recipe. For the pages with shorter recipes, I added some sort of embellishment to help fill the open space on the page. For the longer recipes, I didn’t add anything except the background paper.

If your recipe book is larger, photos are a nice addition, whether you choose a photo of the recipe, the person who “invented” or made the recipe famous, or someone eating the prepared dish.

Once the inside pages are done, design the front cover, unless your book is already designed. My cover was unfinished, so I chose cardstock with a nice large design, then simply added letters to make a book title. If your cardstock is plain, you can add other embellishments or even a photo to create an enticing cover.

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