Frame Your Scrapbook Pages

Framed scrapbook pages are easy DIY crafts that make great Christmas gifts.

| Winter 2014

  • A scrapbook page of man's best friend with a photo of a dog and a dog, placed in a photo frame, hanging on the wall with a dog collar on the corner.
    Photo by Karen K. Will

Men really do love their dogs, and while it can be difficult to think of a gift for men, you can’t go wrong by creating a work of art that showcases his beloved four-legged friend.

First, you’ll need a good photograph. Then you’ll need to find scrapbook paper and embellishments that work well together.

Try different layouts, moving things around a bit, adding and removing some of the embellishments you’ve chosen, until you find a design you like. Then glue everything down. You can use stickers or punches to create paw prints or bones, and you can even give it a personal touch by adding the dog’s name.

Place the finished scrapbook page in a nice photo frame, then attach hardware or rope to the back for hanging, if it isn’t already there. Or include an easel with the artwork for displaying on a table or bookshelf.

Looking for more projects? See Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas.

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