Thanksgiving Décor Starts With Fresh Flowers

Fall centerpieces go a long way in making the dining room table look festive.

Courtesy Capper's Farmer Editors
Winter 2015

Pumpkin Bouquet

With a few supplies, and a little time, you can create a simple and beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table. For best results, use a variety of flowers and fall foliage, which will provide spectacular color and contrast. Some good choices include chrysanthemums, dahlias, hawthorn berries, roses, sunflowers, bittersweet, dried oak leaves or other leaves, and acorns.

Your first attempt at flower arranging may be frustrating, but be patient ? and don’t give up. It isn’t difficult, but it does take some trial and error. If you get halfway through your arrangement and decide you don’t like how it’s looking, gently remove the flowers and start over. With some patience and practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

• Knife
• Small pumpkin
• Spoon or fork
• Scissors
• Cellophane
• Floral foam
• Bowl
• Water
• Plant food
• Hand pruners
• Flowers of your choice
• Ribbon in your choice of color and texture