Crafts: Recipe scrapbooking is a great way to pass memories down through generations

A recipe scrapbook makes a terrific gift.

| May 2009

A scrapbook made by compiling family anecdotes, chronicling events, and conveying the tone and feel of your clan is a great way to pass memories down through generations. Long before scrapbooking was a verb, women passed cherished recipes along in much the same way, so it’s no surprise that recipe scrapbooking has evolved as the next great homemade family heirloom.

Recipe scrapbooks are often smaller than the 12-by-12-inch albums used for other scrapbooks, because of the function they serve. A recipe scrapbook can sit on the counter during dinner prep, or can be thrown into your purse on your way to the market. Whether for your own use, or as a gift, making a recipe scrapbook is sure to result in a meaningful, personal and highly useful creation.

Give a creative, useful gift

One of my favorite gifts at bridal showers has always been a recipe box filled with recipes provided by the attending friends and family of the bride-to-be. Now, imagine how much more beautiful and personalized a recipe scrapbook could be. Along with recipes, guests can include sage marital wisdom, family stories or funny quotes.

A recipe scrapbook would also make a great hostess, teacher or graduation gift. Each can be personalized in a different way. For example, using vintage-style pictures of food taken from old cookbooks or wine bottles can make a cozy looking album. What graduate isn’t in need of recipes, wisdom and a taste of home once in a while? I recommend including conversion and measurement charts in all your recipe scrapbooks, both for those fresh out of the nest and for those of us with faulty memories.


Incorporate a quote and theme

There are tons of resources that provide food-related quotes and themes, and even complete kits for recipe scrapbooks. A quote – such as “A Messy Kitchen is a Happy Place … This one is Delirious!” - can provide a theme and a starting place.

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