Feature: Many avenues open to those looking to trace their family roots

| September 2008

  • Midwest Genealogy Center
    RESEARCH ASSISTANCE: At the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, Mo., patrons can get help in their search for information from experienced genealogy librarians.

  • Midwest Genealogy Center

A recent morning found neighbors Loree Carlton and Kathy Kinn visiting the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, Mo., together. The two, who live in Raymore, Mo., were at the center to dig deeper into their respective family histories – a pastime both have worked at for years.

“You never get through (with research),” Carlton said.

Wanting to dig deeper into genealogical research is understandable, because the rewards are so great. Knowing where we come from gives us a sense of belonging, and provides some illumination of how we came to be the people we are, living where we do.

Getting started 

The first step to take in researching your family history is to talk with your parents and other relatives to get some basic information – such as birth and marriage dates, and the names of parents and grandparents.

Look through letters, photo albums, family Bibles – wherever you can find information. Visit cemeteries where family members are buried. Gravestones can provide birth and death dates, and sometimes wedding dates and names of other relatives.

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