Easy Homemade Holiday Gifts

Instead of buying gifts this year, think about making easy homemade holiday gifts for family and friends.

| Capper’s Farmer Holiday Special, Winter 2012

As the holidays approach, stress levels often rise, and it’s no wonder. Decorating, shopping, religious observances, food preparation, party planning, family gatherings, and everything else associated with the holidays can leave us feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. Scrapbooking is a creative outlet that is relaxing and rewarding. Best of all, it can provide homemade holiday gifts for friends and family.

Rather than purchasing expensive individual greeting cards, most of us opt for the more affordable box of cards with two or three designs. This year, forget buying greeting cards. Instead, create your own. You also can make your own gift boxes, bags and tags. They’re simple and fun to make, and you’ll be amazed at how great you’ll feel when you’re finished. For more holiday spirit, invite a few friends over to join in the fun.

Once you’ve discovered the joy of scrapbooking through making cards and gift boxes, bags and tags, you’ll ask yourself, “Why stop there?” So, forget fighting the crowds at department stores, gather up those same friends for a day of making homemade keepsakes — something practical and functional — for everyone on your list.

Here are a few holiday crafts that will put smiles on the faces of your loved ones.

Homemade Greeting Cards

Once you make greeting cards, you’ll never go back to buying them.

Before you start, you’ll need envelopes to determine card size. Measure the envelope. Take those numbers (length and width) and subtract 1/4 inch from each. Multiply the smaller measurement by two; this gives you the dimensions for a folded card.

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