Photo Frame Craft Projects

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Photo by Allison Sarkesian

If you’re looking for some new and exciting craft ideas, and you have photo frames you’re not using, these projects will put them to good use around your home. If you don’t have any frames on hand, they’re relatively inexpensive, considering the cost of home décor, and can be found almost anywhere, including dollar stores, thrift stores, garage sales, and auctions. If you’re looking for something specific, craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby, have a wide selection of frames — and you can often find them on sale.

The following projects lend themselves to personal preference and style, so use your imagination and creativity. For instance, use color photos rather than black-and-white for the luminary, feature a photo or scrapbook paper instead of fabric in the coffee table tray, or choose a different cutout word for the door or wall décor project — you could even make your own cutout with a jigsaw, scroll saw, or band saw. The most important thing is that you have fun, and that you love the finished product.

So, whenever you’re ready to get started, head to your craft room and lock yourself inside for an afternoon of peace and quiet. Or, if you really want to have fun, invite a few friends over for a therapeutic group crafting session.

Capper’s Farmer editor Traci Smith enjoys crafting alone occasionally, but she prefers getting together with her sister and best friend, sharing lots of laughs and making plans to try new craft projects.