A Glider Comes Home

| 10/8/2014 9:58:00 AM

DJ WilsonI have fond memories of my husband’s grandparents. They lived on a farm in southeast Kansas. That farm was set back from the main road almost a quarter of a mile and, because it was located on a hill, the front porch was a high tower vantage point.  From the front porch you could see any visitors as they approached the house, you could look over the fields and speculate crop yield, you could see the barn and the corral, the grain storage bins, and the garden.

One of the permanent fixtures for seating was an old green glider. You may have similar memories of sitting and just barely rocking back and forth, gliding your way through a summer evening or a cup of coffee in the morning. I can still see family members there chatting about everything and nothing.

Not long ago I started looking for a glider for the front porch of our farm. There are a number of options for obtaining a glider. There are reproductions that are new for a reasonable price. There are restored old gliders available for a price generally two to three times the cost of a reproduction, and there are older gliders that need to be restored. After looking for about a year at websites, auction sites and some antique dealers, I decided to restore an old glider.

If you are fortunate to know someone who “knows” antiques, or have a contact that you trust, it is a good place to start. I am fortunate to have a sister and brother-in-law who are very well versed in antiques and used items. My sister located a glider from a reputable antique dealer in her area. Road trip!

If you decide to restore an old glider, start by looking at the overall condition of the piece. Are there any dents? Does the glider mechanism function properly? Look for rusted out places on the glider on all the sides that show and underneath. Review your options for restoration. A dealer might sand-blast, powder coat and repaint. Are you willing to pay for a professional to restore your piece or do you have the time, tools, and willingness to do the restoration?

glider comes home - before