Fix Your Broken Lawn Chairs

| 1/26/2015 12:41:00 PM

Erin SheehanOur webbed chairs we use up at the lake finally gave up the ghost at the end of last summer. They didn’t completely give way, but close enough. Like my grandparents, I hate to throw things out, so rewebbing them made a good winter project.

at the start

broken webbing 

I ordered webbing from As it turns out, I got the wrong size, and the color certainly doesn’t match, but I think they will be serviceable at least. I was able to reuse the attachment hardware, so the only cost was some time and the webbing.

The first step is to remove the old webbing. I didn’t want to have to replace all of it, just what was worn through, but if you want it to match you’ll have to take it all out. It’s a good idea to take enough care when removing it that you can measure one of the pieces you take out so you have an idea what length you’ll want for your new webbing strips. You also want to take care to preserve the hardware.

There are different types of attachments for webbed chairs, so be careful to note how your webbing is attached so you can recreate it.