Improvising When You Live in the Middle of Nowhere

| 3/24/2014 9:22:00 AM

NanaWhen my husband and I invited a dozen friends to ride their motorcycles up to our ranch for a ministry meeting and lunch, I wasn't thinking about adding the final leaf to the table or about the fact that I've never had a tablecloth big enough to cover the behemoth.

Just a day before the event, as my husband and I were getting the house ready, I realized none of my tablecloths were going to work. I immediately turned to Plan B: Make One.

Step 1. Build a fire and boil water. With electricity so expensive, the only way to boil a lot of water efficiently is to do it over a fire. I built a nice one and let it burn down a bit before adding a couple of pots of water.

tablecloth fire

Step 2. Because we live so far from a city where we can buy things, I keep odd materials on hand. I have an assortment of Rit dyes and yards and yards of cotton fabric. The first step in making the tablecloth was choosing a dye color. My husband decided on Dark Green. Next, I got my white fabric and laid it along the length of the table, letting it hang over on each end the same amount as it was on the sides (the selvage edges provided a hem of sorts). I snipped and ripped the fabric in the right place and left enough fabric in case I decide to hem it in the future. For now, I simply pulled all the loose strings off both ends and called it DONE.

tablecloth start