Potato Planter Bags

| 5/5/2015 9:53:00 AM

The garden is coming along nicely, and it's time to start the potatoes. We grew some last year, but didn't get a large crop. Charlie bought some "potato bags" to plant in this year, to keep them contained and have space for them to grow upwards.


Potatoes don’t grow like other garden plants. Seed potatoes are planted in fairly shallow soil, then more soil is added as the plant grows up. The potatoes grow off the roots and stem of the plant, under the dirt. Because of their weird growth style, people will often plant them in buckets or bags. That way, as the plant grows, it’s easy to add more soil. Deeper soil = more potatoes.

Charlie ordered the bags online, and when they arrived I thought, "I could have made those!" The first thing I noticed was that they were made of material very similar to our feed bags. I’ve already had practice making feed bag totes, and I figured I could put my stash to good use. Because I have a lot of them …

feed bags

I was a little worried they may not be big enough, but when I compared them to the potato bags, they’re actually quite a bit bigger.