Well House to Potting Shed in One Day

| 3/17/2014 12:06:00 PM

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Turn the Paige HomesteadersThe water well house was built with the original house in 1947 out of brick cinder blocks and appeared to be falling apart.  The original yellow paint was peeling off and several bricks were missing or broken. Upon closer inspection, we found the bricks had been pushed inside the structure due to mortar failure which caused several bricks come loose. The inside was filled with several inches of dirt, three large water tanks and countless mud dauber nests.



It had been unused and was a huge eyesore behind the house so we decided to turn it into a potting shed. We cut the pipes to the water storage tanks and got them out of there and then removed all the old wiring and electrical boxes. We replaced half of the sheet metal roof with clear PVC roofing for sunlight. We took our old stainless steel sink from the kitchen renovation, and then built a long table from scrap. Finally, we added a metal shelf for storage. VIOLA! A potting shed is born!



3/23/2014 9:17:18 AM

Paige, I like to read about the different projects people do to repurpose things that have been found on purchased property. Yours is an awesome idea to recycle an old building and give it new life. I love to explore old homesteads and sort through the junk piles to find things that have long since been used. I'm sure that some great seed starts will come out of your now potting shed for many years to come. I'll be waiting to hear about just what you decide to start in your potting shed this year. ***** Have a great seed starting day.

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