Uses for Cotton Bowl Cozies

| 1/20/2017 9:19:00 AM

Mary ConleyDear Friends,

I'm excited to tell you about some fun I had over the holiday season with a new sewing craft I discovered. In the late fall, my husband, Larry, and I went to a huge craft show to see our friend's photography booth. While there, we scouted the whole place to see what was and wasn't selling. We had the most fun buying doll clothes for our granddaughter for Christmas! We also saw a lot of cloth, bowl, heat protectors, which are sometimes called bowl cozies. I looked up how to make them on the internet, purchased my supplies, and made two small ones for my kitchen. Because the material, padding, and thread are all 100-percent cotton, the cozies can be put into the microwave while heating food and then taken to the table without burning your hands.


Larry — who loves canned soup for lunch — latched on to them right off. I have used them for oatmeal.

I'm not going to show you how to make the cozies, but here is the link to the site I liked best: This seamstress makes it so simple. 

Below are two cozies I made with one side of a pair of old blue jeans: