WOW! Christmas Already

| 12/22/2014 12:04:00 PM

Susan PetreyAre you stressed about Christmas?

WOW, it's three days until Christmas, and I have only just realized.Things have been so crazy around here lately, I am so glad I finished my Christmas gift organization back in October. If I hadn't, I would be in trouble. Winter is normally a quieter time around my house. The cold and I do not get along, the gardens are done as is the canning. Winter is when I can enjoy my open fire and sew or knit. So far this winter it's been a little different.

knitting in front of the fireplace | Fotolia/Africa Studio 

Photo: Fotolia/Africa Studio

You may be wondering how I could be done for Christmas in October. I get asked that a lot. For me, gifting is a year-round event. I keep a small journal that has names, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates in it. Alongside this, I have two more columns, one for ideas, for example what hobbies or interests the person likes, or life events going on. The next is for what I gave the person and for what, i.e. blue hand-knitted sweater birthday. This helps me track what each person gets.




Gift given-What for


4/25/90 wedding anniversary

Favorite color Red, flower lily

Red lily painting for anniversary

Each year, I carry over ideas from the year before as well as add or subtract according to changes in taste and circumstance. This way I can pick up or make things all year long for all my special people. This has worked out wonderfully for me. I tend to not get stressed about knowing what to give, or fighting half-crazed people at stores doing last-minute shopping. I do not do well in crowds anyway. I mostly make my gifts but not always. And again I try to make gifts based on the ideas from my journal so that the receiver knows I have put not only effort but thought into what they like or want. It makes a difference when someone really likes something you made.

if you hadn't already worked it out I am a list maker by nature. I used to make them in my head, but now I write them down (my memory isn't what it used to be).