A Fresh Start: Natural Spring Cleaning

You can handle all your spring cleaning with five common kitchen ingredients.

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  • Natural Spring Cleaning
    Lemons are a natural bleaching agent that help brighten white laundry.
    Photo by Povy Kendal Atchinson

  • Natural Spring Cleaning

A clean living space makes a house a home, but using harsh chemicals can contaminate your home with toxins, defeating the purpose of all that scrubbing, soaking, washing and dusting. Exposure to chemicals common in household cleaners can have adverse effects on your family’s health. Household cleaners can cause mild irritations, and have also been linked to cancer and asthma. In addition, they’re responsible for thousands of poisonings every year — mostly of children.

Chemical-laden cleaners pollute our air and water, packing landfills and contaminating water sources and marine habitats after being washed down sewer systems. Petroleum-based cleaners and plastic packaging also help deplete nonrenewable natural resources. Fortunately, nature provides simple, effective materials that clean and disinfect naturally, leaving your home clean and safe. Just open your cupboards — five simple, nontoxic items can handle all your household cleaning.

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