With some ingenuity, gourds can become unique decorations

| September 2005


WHAT CHARACTERS: These gourds show how a bit of paint and creativity can transform gourds into decorative objects.

photo courtesy of Ruth Nix

Gourds may look like odd, lumpy vegetables, but to some people, they present a world of decorative possibilities.

Ruth Nix, of Camden, Ark., can turn the humble veggies into works of art. She got her start some four years ago, after seeing her first display of painted gourds at a craft show.

She brought home a few and painted them. But she wasn't ready to stop.

'I had to search out more gourds,' she says.

She's still at it. In the right hands, gourds can become characters, animals, a beautiful scenery or even a humorous message. Nix's gourds became doctors, nurses, clowns and more.

Sometimes, one cracks.

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