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DIY projects for the homemade life! Crafts and techniques, hand and power tools, repurpose and recycle, sewing and quilting, and woodworking.

Jesse and Pat Wilkerson's dolls aid brittle bone disease research

By CAPPER'S editors

Handmade, old-fashioned dolls crafted by Gardner, Kan., couple Jesse and Pat Wilkerson benefit brittle bone disease research by aiding the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation.

Patchwork quilts honor memory of sister

By Gay Ingram

Creating patchwork quilts provided woman a way to honor memory of sister who died from a brain tumor.

Gift Baskets

By Donna Hamer

Create a gift basket for those on your holiday gift list by selecting a theme and adding items you know interest the person, such as items they collect or that is a hobby of theirs.

'Reflect' and 'Treasures' tags

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Whether young or old, you'll enjoy making tags for your scrapbook pages to give creativity to your layout.


Scrapbook photos - Getting adventurous with your layouts

By Nigel Patterson

Tips on how to design a creative scrapbook layout using photos, mementos and embellishments.

Crafts: How to make felt ornaments


Easy directions for making felt Christmas ornaments for the holidays.

Crafts: Collecting American coins

By Jay Billingsly

Coin collecting is a great hobby if you live in the United States. In most denominations there are some really interesting coins.

Crafts: Coin collecting album - A pocket for your coins

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For a coin collector, finding a good storage place for their coins is important because it ensures that the quality and value of their rare coins is maintained.