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Do It Yourself Projects

Crafts And Techniques

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Gumdrop Wreath Project

When my daughter Anna Belle was 16 months old and just beginning to toddle around, we had a Christmas tree in our kitchen, which had twigs with real gumdrops on them sticking out randomly from the tree. I began to notice sticky spots on my kitchen floor, but didn’t think much of it. Then I began to notice that some of the gumdrops were no longer sugar-coated, but looked shiny ...

Staff | Mar 24, 2020

Hand And Power Tools

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Stanley Sockets

The 99-piece STANLEY Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set is sure to bring a smile to the face of the tool enthusiast on your holiday gift list.This set includes 99 pieces that meet or exceed the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications for combination wrenches, sockets and ratchets. The laser etched sockets provide hi-visibility markings, making it easier to ...

The Capper's Farmer Editors | Oct 22, 2014

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Repurpose And Recycle

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Potato Planter Bags

Potatoes don’t grow like other garden plants. Seed potatoes are planted in fairly shallow soil, then more soil is added as the plant grows up. The potatoes grow off the roots and stem of the plant, under the dirt. Because of their weird growth style, people will often plant them in buckets or bags. That way, as the plant grows, it’s easy to add more soil. Deeper soil = more ...

Tracy | Apr 22, 2020

Sewing And Quilting

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Pretty Embroidered Patches

Popular in the early 20th century, patches later fell by the wayside. However, they’re back in style now. This means that by patching your worn clothes, not only can you get more wear out of them, but if you embellish those patches with embroidery, you can be fashionable at the same time. So, why not be stylish while saving money? I recently patched the worn-out elbows on a ...

Staff | Jun 22, 2020


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Reclaimed Barn Quilt

If you drive along country roads in some parts of the United States, you may see big painted wooden quilt squares hanging on old barns. This smaller barnwood quilt is inspired by those old wood quilts. This quilt square gets its beauty from using a combination of reclaimed wood with different finishes and textures. The finished project will measure 25-1/2  inches square. Tools ...

Staff | Jun 8, 2020

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