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Arizona State Quarter

by Cappers

The Arizona Quarter, the 48th coin in the 50 State Quarter Program

Collecting Postcards

By John Tissot

Postcard collections add a unique stamp to your home

New Mexico State Quarter

by Cappers

The New Mexico Quarter, the 47th coin in the 50 State Quarter Program, will be released April 7.

2008 Dollar Coins

By Capper's Staff

The Treasury Department unveiled the designs of this year’s presidential dollar coins.


Oklahoma State Quarter

By Capper's Staff

The Oklahoma Quarter, the 46th in the 50 State Quarter Program, will be released this month.

With some ingenuity, gourds can become unique decorations

By LeAnn Campbell

Gourds may look like odd, lumpy vegetables, but to some people, they present a world of decorative possibilities. Ruth Nix, of Camden, Ark., can turn the humble veggies into works of art. She got her start some four years ago, after seeing her first display of painted gourds at a craft show.

Colorful, wooden Dala horses a recognizable symbol of Sweden

By Karen Sutherland

When asked what they know about Sweden, many people might say that they remember its flag is bright blue and yellow, or that the country has a king. They may say that reindeer live there and the weather there is cold. However, it would be hard to think of a more widely recognized symbol of the country than the small, red wooden horses that have become associated with the Swedish people.