Do It Yourself Projects

DIY projects for the homemade life! Crafts and techniques, hand and power tools, repurpose and recycle, sewing and quilting, and woodworking.

One Day Bookshelf Project

By Gina Gaines

Re-purpose old louver doors into a lovely bookshelf in just one day!

Frugality in the Garden With a DIY Compost Bin

By Erin Sheehan

It's time to remember that 'frugal' is not a dirty word. Doing things for ourselves feels good and makes us less dependent on big companies to have a full life.

Scrappy Arches

By Gina Gaines

Old-World archways create an elegant, open flow from one space to another and are much easier to create than you might think!

Homemade Light Fixture for a Rustic Kitchen

By Oscar H. Will III and Karen K. Will

This homemade light fixture is DIY project that is perfect for a rustic kitchen.


Onion Stringing

By Melissa V. Willis

A Newbie (Urban) Farmer learns how to string onions.

Laundry Day, Grandma's Way

By Sheila Julson

Wisconsin's freakishly mild autumn seasons in recent years has extended the laundry-hanging season, and I've added some of my Grandma's techniques for fresh-scented laundry.

A Fresh Start: Natural Spring Cleaning

By CAPPER's staff

You can handle all your spring cleaning with five common kitchen ingredients.

Cleaning Made Simple

Family Features

Tips to make cleaning quick and simple.