Do It Yourself Projects

DIY projects for the homemade life! Crafts and techniques, hand and power tools, repurpose and recycle, sewing and quilting, and woodworking.

How to Make a Solar Food Dryer

Follow these easy steps to make a solar food dryer, and stop worrying about wasting your excess vegetables.

One Day Bookshelf Project

By Gina Gaines

Re-purpose old louver doors into a lovely bookshelf in just one day!

Frugality in the Garden With a DIY Compost Bin

By Erin Sheehan

It's time to remember that 'frugal' is not a dirty word. Doing things for ourselves feels good and makes us less dependent on big companies to have a full life.

Scrappy Arches

By Gina Gaines

Old-World archways create an elegant, open flow from one space to another and are much easier to create than you might think!


Homemade Light Fixture for a Rustic Kitchen

By Oscar H. Will III and Karen K. Will

This homemade light fixture is DIY project that is perfect for a rustic kitchen.

Onion Stringing

By Melissa V. Willis

A Newbie (Urban) Farmer learns how to string onions.

Laundry Day, Grandma's Way

By Sheila Julson

Wisconsin's freakishly mild autumn seasons in recent years has extended the laundry-hanging season, and I've added some of my Grandma's techniques for fresh-scented laundry.

A Fresh Start: Natural Spring Cleaning

By CAPPER's staff

You can handle all your spring cleaning with five common kitchen ingredients.