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Water Drilling Rig and Dowsing Ineffective During Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

Massachusetts woman recalls her father trying to locate underground water with both a water drilling rig and by dowsing to no avail during the depression era

Galvanized Tub was Versatile Tool in Depression Era Homes

CAPPER's Staff

Oregon woman recalls using galvanized tub for washing clothes, dishes, and family members during the depression era.

Family Resourcefulness During the Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

Iowan recalls the resourcefulness shown by his father and mother in surviving the depression era.

Wood Cookstove: Heating Baths on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

An Iowan talks about the ways in which the wood cookstove was used on her family farm


Family Farm: My Grandparents' Old Homestead

CAPPER's Staff

Nebraskan remembers her childhood on her family farm: her grandparents' old homestead

Family Farm: My Wood Cookstove

CAPPER's Staff

An Illinois woman recalls her wood cookstove and other cherished conveniences on her family farm

Nostalgia For Farm Shops on Family Farms

CAPPER's Staff

An Iowa man talks about his memories of playing in his grandfather's farm shop on his family farm

Preserve Memories

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Scrapbooking is a creative way to record family history.