Do It Yourself Projects

DIY projects for the homemade life! Crafts and techniques, hand and power tools, repurpose and recycle, sewing and quilting, and woodworking.

Crocheted Dust Mitt is Stylish

Pamela Noel

A craft project for crocheting a dust mitt is excerpted from the book 1•2•3 Skein Crochet.

Crocheting Brings Pleasure and Pride

By Cathy Myers

A woman tells how she learned the art of crochet, and how much she came to love it and began teaching others, including her mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and friends, the art.

‘Scrap’ a Mini Album Out of CDs

Traci Smith

This album is fun to make and small enough to carry with you.

Crafts: Keep all of your recipes together in style

By Traci Smith, Associate Editor

Simple instructions for making a decorative recipe box.


Crafts: Craft books will help you create beautiful projects

Traci Smith, Associate Editor

Books offer great scrapbooking ideas and crochet projects for crafters.

Crafts: Creating memories on a budget

By <a href='' target='_blank'>By Rachel Paxton</a>

Tips on how to make an inexpensive scrapbook of a family vacation.

Crafts: Recipe scrapbooking is a great way to pass memories down through generations

By Barbara Kirby

Make a recipe scrapbook as a way to pass memories down through the generations.

Crafts: Preserve family history in a heritage scrapbook

By Traci Smith, Associate Editor

Tips to help you create a heritage scrapbook to share with your family.