DIY Project: Firewood Rack

Follow these step-by-step instructions for constructing a firewood rack perfect for storing your wood and kindling for the stove or fireplace.

| Summer 2018


For many of us, yards mean trees, trees mean pruning, and pruning means wood – lots and lots of wood, as it seems to multiply once you start cutting those downed limbs into more manageable pieces. 

If, of course, we have a wood-burning fireplace or outdoor fire pit, we can put those fallen pieces to good use. We still have to store all that wood, however, which can be daunting. Sure, we can find an empty spot in the back of the yard and stack it in a pile, but rough piles of wood eventually fall over – they always do. Plus, firewood ideally should be stored off the ground to promote airflow. Otherwise, it may rot quickly and attract bugs, making it undesirable for use in an indoor fireplace.

The firewood rack featured here, which includes an upper area for kindling and a lower area for split logs, solves all of those problems and more. Besides keeping the firewood tidy and off the ground, it also looks great.


Step-By-Step Instructions

For brevity’s sake, when instructions state “attach,” the step includes the added suggestion of drilling appropriately sized pilots and countersinks before installing screws.

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