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Susan BerryDo you have a dream?

My dream is to have 2-5 acres to homestead again and raise pork, turkeys, more chickens, a dairy cow and of course grow vegetables. After eight years of farming on 3 acres in NC, we had to move up North and are on 1/4 acre. I have downsized considerably. 


It is very important to have dreams and hope and faith. Life would be so empty without a vision. As I get older it sometimes gets harder to wait for a dream to become reality. I find myself fretting that it will happen too late in life and I will be too old to fulfill the dream. Dreams are in our hearts and spirit. Fear and insecurities are in our minds and emotions, so it is best to stay out of our emotions. When I find myself getting sad and disappointed that my dreams are not coming true fast enough, I go to my gardens.

Somehow seeing plants growing and fulfilling their purpose gives me peace and occupies my emotions, carrying them from sadness to delight, from disappointment to wonder, and a contentment washes over me that seems to make the wait a bit easier. I remember the end of the Summer I walked around my gardens and looked at my sad, tired looking potato plants. I felt bad that the excessive heat we had endured for a week appeared to have taken its toll, and I worried that the potatoes had not had enough time to take nutrition from the plants and develop fully. I thought I might give them a boost of fertilizer and lots of water, but I knew they were past reviving so I decided to clean out the bed and harvest what they managed to make.


11/27/2013 10:03:14 PM

Hi Susan.. you are a inspiration to me.. you grow all that on a 1/4 of a acre? .. the how's and what's abound me.. =) Me and my husband have been living here on this 2 acres now for 3 years in March.. I have tried to plant flowers .. nothing.. I have no green thumb.. once ( at a different place )I planted cucumbers and squash.. and I think they crossed.. because I came out with the biggest cucumber anyone could think of.. haha.. I am going to try my best again next spring,, I want to do what you are doing, I will follow you on here and hope to learn something from you if that's ok.. thank you for your website.. =) btw.. I am in Texas.. long way from you .. but still your a inspiration to me. =)

11/24/2013 9:47:16 AM

Susan, disappointments through out my journey through life have dashed many dreams. Some were not worth dreaming but the lasting dreams never die like your 2-5 acre dream. Life prevented me from my dream of farming for many decades but the desire still burned inside albeit some times it was just a glowing ember. When my family dwindled to one (me) and I retired from a job I really liked, the spark of life was fanned into a flame once again. At 64 years young I bought a piece of city derelict land that had been neglected for over 12 years. Granted it was not a farm with tractors and such but it was my .62 acres of garden space. What was a weed infested neighborhood dumping site has now in two short years become a much improved area in the neighborhood. ***** My advice is to never never never give up the dream but to continue to enjoy your garden. Don't let the dream over shadow the moment you are in with the smaller garden. ***** Have a great dream day.

11/20/2013 7:37:24 AM

Great post. I dream of not working in an office anymore. Of course, I have to be careful what I wish for, if you know what I mean. Mostly I want to have a sense of right-livelihood - where what I'm doing to make a living is lining up with who I am, my values and my beliefs about being a good person in the world.

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