Savanna Restoration Series: Part 1

| 8/6/2015 2:21:00 PM

summer breeze

Lori HavensIt’s been a busy summer up here in beautiful Wisconsin! The work has been overwhelming, exhausting, sweaty and dirty, but we think it’ll all be worth it. So what is it that we’re doing here at Farm on the Hill? Welcome to Part 1 of my Savanna Restoration Series!

mapFarm on the Hill is comprised of 40 acres of mixed woods (5 acres) and pasture land. We are located in Richland Center, in the southwest quadrant of Wisconsin. Our area is part of Wisconsin’s “Driftless Region,” an area that was left untouched by the glaciers that scoured (and flattened) much of the Midwest. As a result, the Driftless Region is characterized by beautiful high hills and deep valleys, with rivers meandering through and around.

A sign with history of the Kickapoo River Valley

Farmer Bryan Havens

Driftless roadway