10 Things I Learned About Country Living, The Hard Way

| 8/22/2013 9:36:00 AM

NinaLife is full of clichés! “Life turns on a dime” is one of them. It will always turn sharpest when you least expect it, and if you are not holding on tight, it is guaranteed you will end up in a pile of horse puckey! The good news is that soap and water will get things back to normal … or at least acceptable.

Wonderful neighbors can help, but some lessons of country living must be learned the hard way. Here are just a few I have learned in less than a year:

1. Do not back into an electric fence while working on the siding of a garage. The resulting "ZAP" to the backside will propel you head first into the solid wall with amazing force. They do not call it seeing stars for nothing.   

2. Speaking of electric fences, are you aware the human body is a perfect conductor of electricity? DO NOT lean over the electric fence to try and feed your horse a piece of apple. When you connect with the fence, just as she is taking the apple from your hand, she gets a jolt too. The end result: a 16-hand-high mare that runs like crazy when she sees an apple.  

 3. Broody hens are well known, but cannot hold a candle to a broody 18-pound hen turkey. My suggestion, unless you feel like facing a right down angry 23-pound tom to boot: Let her be.

Blue Slate Tom Turkey
Blue Slate tom turkey