A 1924 Guide to Perfect Poultry

| 9/30/2013 10:46:00 AM

Chris OttoHi, my name’s Chris. And, because I have agreed to blog for Capper’s Farmer and don’t wish to give you any misconceptions about me, let me start by stating what I am NOT.

I am NOT a farmer.

My 13-year-old daughter, however, wishes to own a farm some day. She would like for it to be filled with goats, cows, chickens, pigs and other farm animals. She would like for the farmhouse itself to be a great big castle. And she would like for me to live on the property and take care of all the animals and farm/castle chores for her. So I have that to look forward to. 

I am NOT a gardener.

My wonderful wife, Joan, is our resident green thumb. She grows tomatoes, peppers, radishes and other good stuff in the garden along the side of our suburban home. My contribution to the gardening is that I created an unwanted pumpkin-and-gourd patch that first sprouted from our mulch pile last summer and took over the yard like something from The Day of the Triffids. But at least we’re all set for Halloween.

So, I’m not the fella with the pitchfork from American Gothic. I’m just a guy who works at a newspaper and has a side interest in books, ephemera and history. Tied in with that, I’m a Pennsylvania boy who has a great interest in and appreciation for farming history and culture.