A Cabin of My Own

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By Mel Boone | Oct 7, 2015

A dream home, we all have that dream at some point in our lives right? A log cabin is my dream home. For me, it’s sitting by the fire in the winter, evenings in the swing on the front porch of my rustic cabin. Throw in a few acres of land in the country with a pond and a few farm animals, and my dream would be perfect.

Realistically, my dream hasn’t gone any further than my Pinterest account. I’ve lost track of time looking through pictures and floor plans. It’s an unusual start for me, but in this day and age of social media, maybe I’m more normal than I think. I’m still looking for those few acres. You have to have land before you can start to build. Plus, I have to think about utilities: stay on the grid, off grid or somewhere in between? Solar, propane, electric, natural gas, or a combination? So many decisions! It’s obvious that my dream is nowhere close to being a well laid plan.

There is another option to the log cabin that I have thought about. Derksen builds portable buildings. They range from a cottage shed and garages to a lofted barn cabin and cabins. The cabins and lofted barn cabins are small, but livable, and can be put just about anywhere. I would still advise to any one to play it safe and check with local ordinances and building codes first. Sizes range from 10×20 up to 16×32. Prices vary by size, but at least you leave the building to someone else. You do have the option of wood treated or painted cabins, plus shingled roof or metal roof. There are others that offer similar types of cabins; Midwest Storage Barns and Swiss American Homes and Cabins are a couple.

Who knows, maybe next year I’ll be living my dream. Maybe it will be ten years from now. Whenever it happens, I’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

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