A House With History

| 10/6/2013 4:13:00 PM

Mary ConleyIt was land that we wanted, not a house. We just needed a place to park our stuff and blow up an air-mattress during our visits. So we thought. Or didn't think at all. But the house came with the land, and the first thing we noticed as we approached was it would need to be scraped, caulked, and painted. In our spare time, of course, of which we had very little. It was only one story and part brick, unusual for a farm house. We could do it!

Entering the mudroom.

Entering the mudroom.

When the realtor opened the door to the mud room, we were hit with a horrible stench. This mudroom with a handy little bathroom was an add-on, and also enclosed the door that used to be the outside entrance to the old basement. Thus the odor. Only the brave should enter, and the wise realtor lady skipped it until last. (I think I’ll tell you about it later, too!)

As we proceeded through the house, this person (me) who lives with white everything in the city, just didn't seem to notice all the dead flies and mouse turds around the edges. The hallway and bedroom carpets were each a different color with an old fashioned design and were filthy. One of the bedrooms smelled like a baby had vomited and no one cleaned it up. The whole house was dirty. Looking back, I can imagine this is one of the big reasons the place hadn't sold. I'm sure any man who wanted to buy this wildlife sanctuary didn't get his wife past the smelly mud room door!  

We have only lived in two houses, and we had them built. This house, however, is as old as we are and has a history. The old part was a basic square with the few amenities of the times. There are five add-ons: a covered patio, the mudroom, screened-in porch, bathroom/laundry area, and three nice-sized bedrooms.