A New Cow on the Family Farm

An Iowa woman recounts how her family farm's first cow escaped and had to be recaptured

| Good Old Days

We were going to get our first cow! Were we ever excited. Jake, my husband, had made a deal with Joe, the fellow he worked for, for a cow. So much of his wages each week would go toward the cow, which he would bring home once she was paid for.

We already had a dozen chickens and now the cow. Maybe we could get our own family farm yet.

The day finally came when our cow was coming home. We were all waiting when Joe drove up and they unloaded the cow and put her in the barn.

The next question the kids had was, "What are we going to name her?" To me Bossy seemed too common, so we finally decided on Lady.

We had a lovely big yard full of green grass, and I thought that she should be outside. But Jake said, "I'll be home tomorrow and then we'll put her out and I can watch her better."

I felt bad, but not knowing much about cows I thought I'd better do what Jake said, though I thought I had enough sense to take care of a cow.

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