Hay Season

| 7/5/2017 4:06:00 PM


farm signIn the country, we live by seasons. Lambing season, planting season, mushroom season, black berry season, and hay season.

Hay is very important to a farmer with livestock. Good quality hay is a must for getting through the winter. When I was a child, we grew and harvested our own hay for our dairy cows, horses, and donkey. When I was very small, Daddy made actual haystacks and covered them with tarps. He would drive the tractor — an old Alice Chalmers — while Mom rode the mower. After the hay dried, Mom rode the hay rake and then she drove the tractor while Daddy loaded the hay onto a wagon with a pitchfork. They would haul the hay to the barn and unload it into haystacks for easy access. 


Daddy loading trailer with loose hay

As I grew older and we became more financially secure, we bought more modern machinery and started making square bales. Our old hay rake now sits in the pasture by the yard. I can't bare to part with it; it brings back so many wonderful memories.