Easter Bunnies Finance Easter Egg Hunt on the Family Farm

Selling baby "Easter bunnies" allowed an Iowa woman to buy some candy eggs for local children's Easter egg hunt

| Good Old Days

Money was hard to come by in the early 1930s and it was getting close to Easter time.

I knew that I had plenty of eggs to boil for the children's Easter egg hunt, and I could use beet juice and other juices to color, but I wanted to get them some candy eggs. It would be such a treat for them and they didn't ask for much.

Then I happened to think-I had just taken 30 baby rabbits away from their mothers. I wondered if I could sell them for Easter bunnies.

I got busy and made a nice sign and put it out by the road in front of the house. I put the price at 75 cents. I was surprised. In three days I had sold them all! $10.50! Wow, I felt like the richest woman in town. That was a lot of money in those days.

I was not only able to get some candy for the children but was able to buy things we might not have had for our Easter dinner.

Evelyn Williams-Hall
Sioux City, Iowa

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