The Farmyard and More Junk!

| 10/30/2013 10:11:00 AM

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Mary ConleyOur acreage was created by cutting off the house and farmyard from a much larger, old-fashioned farm. The buildings were ruined or nearly so, by age and neglect. All eleven of them. Even the quaint red barn featured in the advertisement had a sagging roof with holes, and rotting siding. Most are arranged in a semi-circle around the house - starting with a brooder house, huge chicken house, grain building, machine shop, barn, hog house, etc.  

Our plans, at the time of purchase, were to clean out the buildings, save a few, and raze the rest. The problem would be the left-over cement foundations. We already counted three from previous buildings. No use thinking ahead too much. The whole place was full of an unbelievable amount of junk and such a disaster. It did have potential and we were out to save it.

We refer to that first year at the farm as the "cleanup" year. We didn't have a tractor, so we did it manually with the help of wheelbarrows that were left at the farm. Also, some family help.


Larry: "You can never have too many wheelbarrows!"

When we cleaned up an area, the mess went to one of these places:
The loft: For storage and future use. (Top floor of one of our buildings. We had to clean it out first.)
Junk pile: Behind a building for pickup and recycling.
Burn pile: We burned straight through several weekends.

11/5/2013 2:07:03 PM

There is nothing like cleaning up your own place to make you sleep better at night.....or maybe I just get tired when I clean? lol

11/3/2013 2:53:44 PM

Yes, Dave, we did! As I'm reminiscing, it brings that to home! If you keep reading, you'll get the up to date version one of these days and see our wonderful little place! I"m glad our blogs bring back your good memories. Thanks for commenting!

11/3/2013 9:04:12 AM

Mary, you really did buy a fixer upper. The last farm that Dad bought was similar. I kind of like going through all the junk that had piled up in the buildings over the years. Today that stuff would have been worth a fortune but 50 years ago it was .... well junk. It took a couple years to get things relatively normal. By then it was time for me to leave the farm and wander out into the world to find my fame and fortune. Ha, yeah, boy, did I get a rude awaking. Mom and Dad kept that farm another 20 years before giving it up and moving to Las Vegas. ***** Have a great junk burning day.

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