Feature: TV show, Web site offer advice to help cat owners

| August 2008

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    PUZZLING CREATURES: A TV show and a Web site offer solutions to cats' bewildering behaviors.

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Ever flummoxed by your feline? If so, you might enjoy the Animal Planet network's Housecat Housecall (9 a.m. EDT/PDT Saturdays, and 7 a.m. EDT/PDT Sundays). The show follows Australian veterinarian Katrina Warren as she tries to solve kitty conflicts.

Take Obi-Wan, for example. When the tabby's owner goes out of town, Obi-Wan refuses to be fed by others.

Warren's solution? She recommends other family members get involved in feeding the cat even when his owner is at home, and that Obi-Wan's feeding dish be separated from other cats'. That way, his intake can be monitored. She also encourages lots of play for the tabby, so he can form a bond with each family member.

Advice online

Housecall is presented by Purina Cat Chow. At the company's Web site, www.CatChow.com, visitors can send questions to its 'Purina Cat Chow Mentors' and read responses to other questions. Here's a taste of the Q and A.

Question: My cat loves to chew on anything, like cardboard, paper, leather chairs. What do I do?

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