Fits Like A Glove

| 1/12/2018 1:28:00 PM

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When you live on a farm, there is one thing you can count on every day – farm chores! Most of the time this is very enjoyable for me. It's actually fun going out to feed the chickens and having them gather around my feet, clucking softly and waiting expectantly.

1 chickens

I love going the the barn with the dogs in tow and having my girls and Everest meet me at the gate. I feed Lacey and Evie from my hand and give Ellie and Honey a pat as I pour the feed in the trough. Then I battle Beatrice, as I take the lamb's hay and the bucket of grain down to the creep feeder. Bea is very demanding and she tries her best to pull the hay out of my hands or get her head in the bucket and trip me up.

2 Bea and the hay

But the last couple of weeks, chores haven't been so much fun. Temperatures have dropped drastically, and I have to bundle up before braving the outdoors. I put on my Carhartt coveralls (I call them my Michelin Man suit), the hunting boots Aubry gave me, my furry ear flap hat, and look dejectedly at several pairs of gloves, trying to decide which might be warmest. I have poor circulation in my hands and my fingers are always cold. For years I've tried to find warm work gloves. If I get waterproof ones they are too thin, and the fingers freeze. If I wear thicker ones, they are not water proof, clumsy to wear, and still not warm enough. If I wear leather ones, they are too cold, get too dirty and sometimes tear on barbed wire.

1/15/2018 9:26:35 AM

Leah, yes, hunters do have the market share on staying warm and dry clothes. I was never a hunter so I have the standard quit lined coveralls to shovel snow and work outside when the weather is nasty. It's been brutality cold here in Nebraska as well. More below zero temperatures than I can remember. I'm sure this will go down as a record cold Winter for my area. We could sure use some of that Global warming about now, don't you think? I'm glad you found the perfect gloves to keep your hands warm and I'll have to keep your suggestion in mind the next time I buy gloves. ***** Have a great Winter warm hands day. ***** Nebraska Dave

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