100 Years of Mice

| 1/20/2014 10:15:00 AM

Lori HavensMoving into a new home is always an adventure. Moving into a “new-to-you” home that happens to be around 100 years old is even more of an adventure. Moving from the mega-suburbs of Chicago into a “new-to-you” home that happens to be around 100 years old that is on a 40-acre farm on a ridge top in rural Wisconsin … that’s the ultimate adventure! Winter here has been a crash course in rural-living …from heating with wood to coping with snow and ice sans the suburban services we were accustomed to, to dealing with the furry creatures who are searching for a warm place to stay and a bite of food…creativity and determination reign.  

Fortunately for us, the previous owner of this century farm was a part time builder, and he added on a brand new kitchen to the tiny farmhouse about eight years ago, so we are the blessed recipients of his hard work.


Nonetheless, we find ourselves plagued with the same problems that, I am sure, a farm wife and mother found herself coping with 100 years ago in her then-new farmhouse. This winter, it’s mice.

Since we didn’t believe the pest-control man who told us that we should let him treat the home preventatively for mice at the end of the summer, we now find the furry little critters’ “calling cards” on the countertops and in some of the drawers in the kitchen. After a two-day “away” from the farm, we came home to find a bread bag that we’d left on the countertop nibbled open and bread crumbs scattered about. I began to worry about the many bulk-sized bags of dry goods I had stored in the nearby cabinets and on the countertops, and new I needed to find a solution.

Bulk Dry Goods