5 Ways to Save Energy Without Inconvenience

| 2/3/2015 12:49:00 PM

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Miles YoungThe power bill comes every month. Although we often gripe at the cost, we just pay it and move on. What we should be doing instead is taking a look at things we can change in our homes that will save on energy usage. The problem is that we typically don't like to make the effort for what we think will amount to only a few dollars saved.

What if there were a few changes you could make to your home that would save you a large amount of money each month? Would you take the time then? You can make numerous cost-saving changes in your home. To get you started, here are five ways to conserve energy without inconveniencing your lifestyle.

Adjust Your Water Heater Temperature

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Most water heaters come preset from the factory at 140 degrees. For most people, that's very hot. If you turn your shower faucet all the way to hot and let it run for a minute, you can test the temperature. If the water is scalding, you know you can turn your thermostat down. Energy.gov recommends that for most people, 120 degrees tends to be a comfortably hot temperature. 

2/4/2015 8:24:10 AM

Miles, all good things to conserve energy. I like to bring my in house comfort to the edge a little more than others are willing to do. My winter temperature in the house is about 68 degrees in the living room where the thermostat is but the bedrooms can dip into the lower 50s at night. When the sun is shining brightly, I open the insulated curtains and let the sun shine in. On overcast days the curtains are closed. During the summer months the temperature in the house in 78 degrees. During the transition seasons I open the windows at night to let in the cool air. Then when I get up the windows are closed and the curtains are closed as well. Many times the air conditioner doesn't kick on until the after noon. It's a little more work but saves quite a lot if diligently done. During the summer months, the curtains are closed during the hot part of the day to keep the heat out. ***** Have a great utility cost saving day.

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