A Helpful Hint For Countertop Appliances

| 1/26/2015 1:15:00 PM

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Mary ConleyDear friends,

If you are one who wants your countertops completely empty, this post is not for you. I have never had a hidden little cupboard shelf that will pop out and up for a standing mixer, so I don’t know what I’m missing. I did learn years ago, though, that my friends who had to dig out their blenders rarely used them, while I used my handy one nearly daily.

I have a helpful hint, that may be of use to some of you. I discovered it when we purchased a Vitamix blender. The base was very heavy (10 pounds 9 ounces), and the black rubber feet slightly marked my white countertops when I pulled it out to use. I found that if I sat it on a placemat, I could effortlessly slide it out. Recently we bought a KitchenAid standing mixer and it was impossibly too heavy (26 pounds) for me to move until I put it on a placemat. I easily fell into this idea since I had already used placemats under other items on my countertops such as the coffeepot and fruit bowl, and enjoy changing them to match the seasons. I hope this hint will save some of you a backache and brighten up your kitchen at the same time.


Fortunately, I feel a kind of coziness with my most used appliances around me. 

My kitchen is almost 26 years old, but the cupboards are still nice. I’ve had the canisters shown in the photo since we married 54 years ago. I’m surprised that I don’t seem to covet a new kitchen with the latest countertops; probably because I’ve become an antique, myself!

2/1/2015 4:50:26 PM

Thank you for your nice comments Nebraska Dave and ASantarelli!

1/26/2015 8:17:04 PM

Great idea with the placemats. And you are right about using the appliances that are out and handy. My blender sits on the counter, too!

1/26/2015 3:07:21 PM

Mary, get idea for appliances. There was a time when I was a gadget man and had ever Ronco gadget advertised on TV. Since then I've found that a good cast iron skillet, a good durable pot with lid, and a couple kitchen knives with a cutting board will accomplish just about any thing I need to do and the cleanup is a lot easier. I do have a Nutribullet, which is the poor inner city cousin to the Vitamix, and a coffee pot that sits on the counter along with a toaster but most every thing else had been shipped off to the Goodwill. Simplicity is my motto these days. ***** Have a great appliance place mat day.

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