Gardener’s Supply Company Goodies

For those recipients who like to preserve food, try an apple peeler, herb drying rack or beautiful stoneware fermentation crock from Gardener’s Supply Company.

| October 2014

Preserving fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as fermenting foods, has become quite popular nowadays, and we found some fabulous products from Gardener’s Supply Company that would make great gifts for anyone who preserves or ferments foods.

Apple Peeler – This peeler is a breeze to use, and it saves a lot of valuable time since it peels, slices and cores apples (and pears) all at the same time, simply by turning the manual crank handle. (It also works for peeling and slicing potatoes.) It features a secure suction cup base, as well as a clamp for mounting to ensure safety while quickly making uniform slices for baking, freezing, canning, and even dehydrating.

Herb Drying Rack – This powder-coated steel drying rack is 18 inches high with a 15-inch-diameter drying ring, and comes with six hooks. Perfect for drying herbs, garlic and chili peppers, and even flowers. Simply cut, tie and hang your herbs as they reach their peak, and place the drying rack in a pantry, where it’s cool, dry and dark. Additional hooks sold separately.

All-in-One Fermentation Crock Kit – Make homemade pickles or sauerkraut in one to four weeks using this traditional stoneware fermentation crock, which incorporates a water trough airlock that allows carbon dioxide and other fermentation gases to escape while keeping out air. The kit includes the 3-gallon crock and lid, as well as a weight to keep vegetables submerged for effective fermentation.

These products and other items for the kitchen, along with a variety of items for gardening and more, are available at Gardener’s Supply Company.

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