Homemade Face Wash And Exfoliant

| 6/5/2015 12:14:00 PM

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Christine NelsonI haven’t purchased facial was in well over a year. Even after a hard days work outside, I can wash the grit and grime right off and my skin feels soft and moisturized with these easy recipes.

By using these ingredients, your skin will not get stripped of the natural oils it contains and it won’t try and compensate by becoming even more oily.

When I used to purchase facial washes, my skin always felt extremely dry right after washing and I couldn’t survive without tons of moisturizer. Now I just moisturize lightly and my skin feels better than ever. Everything becomes so nicely balanced.

I bet you have most of these ingredients right in your kitchen.

Coconut Oil

I literally have gallons of virgin coconut oil hiding in a corner of my basement. We use it for everything from cooking to body products. I just love the stuff.

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